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Application Support

Our Oracle Applications support will ensure applications are working efficiently, whilst our Functional Consultants are there to help you maximize the value you get from the application, assist with streamlining your business processes and help you achieve compliance.

Changing technology, evolving customer demands and increasing competitive pressures have placed many businesses in a predicament over how to improve existing service standards and at the same time reduce application maintenance and management costs.

Delivers the highest levels of performance and availability for the applications that run your business Ensures you have the right information in the right place at the right time

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How it works ?

Our Database Management Center is typically connected to your systems via site-to-site VPN, so we have efficient yet encrypted communications. We have blended together specific management tools & unparalleled DBA experience to create a comprehensive monitoring and alerting solution for Oracle or SQL Server environments. Through this solution our substantial team of Certified DBAs can react immediately to resolve problems, Regardless of the time of day.

This solution is at the core of our support offering however, It is enhanced further by regular health checks, Performance audits, Bespoke reporting, Capacity planning, Security testing and numerous other discrete DBA services


  • Return on Investment when compared to using internal employees.

  • Low cost route into 24x7 support & management of mission critical applications.

  • Reduction of personnel based risks such as holiday/sickness/leaving.

  • Allowing internal staff to focus on higher level tasks that add business value.

  • Quicker problem rectification leading to less downtime, less costs and increased efficiency.

  • On Demand access to a pool of Oracle skills that would be impossible to recruit.

  • Access to specialist methods of support & service delivery that have been proven to work.