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Oracle DataBase Solutions

Adikarah Tech can help enterprises save significant time and costs by taking on the load of day to day tasks from their Database teams. We are working with Fortune 500 customers helping them monitor, manage and administer complex IT and thousands of database instances.

This may require them to free their bandwidth from the day to day mundane but equally critical tasks like managing your existing IT ecosystem be it Applications, Middleware, Database etc.

Our Database services include:- Database Upgrades, migrations, backups and scheduled maintenance Support of critical production database issues and performance problems.

Adikarah Tech works with all leading database technologies & platforms including Oracle, DB2, SQL, MySQL along with DW/ETL/BI tools. We also support RAC, Goldengate, Exadata, HANA, SystemI etc.


Oracle Database Cloud Service E-Book
Accelerate innovation and time-to-market with fast database deployment, Improve productivity and slash operating expenses with automated database as a service, Leverage existing investments with full hybrid-cloud portability between on-premises and cloud databases.
Oracle overcomes application development challenges by delivering a platform that helps provision and administer databases in a faster, secure, and more cost-effective manner.
Performance and Availability
Our Sevice has built-in solid high availability, disaster recovery and security for each tenant database.
A key feature that isn’t universally available in the DBaaS world but in our DBaaS is centralized management of all your databases through automation.

Our Database Services Include

Common terms used for the delivery of security testing:

Discovery - The purpose of this stage is to identify systems within scope and the services in use. It is not intended to discover vulnerabilities, but version detection may highlight deprecated versions of software / firmware and thus indicate potential vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Scan - Following the discovery stage this looks for known security issues by using automated tools to match conditions with known vulnerabilities. The reported risk level is set automatically by the tool with no manual verification or interpretation by the test vendor. This can be supplemented with credential based scanning that looks to remove some common false positives by using supplied credentials to authenticate with a service (such as local windows accounts).
In reference to digital security, nonrepudiation means to ensure that a transferred message has been sent and received by the parties claiming to have sent and received the message. Nonrepudiation is a way to guarantee that the sender of a message cannot later deny having sent the message and that the recipient cannot deny having received the message.
Integrity of information refers to protecting information from being modified by unauthorized parties. A measure intended to allow the receiver to determine that the information provided by a system is correct. Integrity schemes often use some of the same underlying technologies as confidentiality schemes, But they usually involve adding information to a communication to form the basis of an algorithmic check rather than the encoding all of the communication. To check if the correct information is transferred from one application to other.