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Content Management System

At Adikarah Tech, we customize a content management system for each of our clients in order to fit their unique needs, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution. Keep Your Site Updated Easily and at all Times. A Standard HTML Website is static and fixed. Which means that to change any text and images, the page that make up the site must be edited and then uploaded to the web server. To do this you either have to be a web programmer or you have to hire one.

From a business perspective one of the most damaging experiences that visitors to your Internet site can have is when it becomes blatantly obvious to them that the information it presents is outdated and irrelevant.

They'll likely click away from your site faster than you can blink an eye. Such a poor reflection on your company is why it’s so important to have the quick, easy ability to keep your site up-to-date. With a content management system from Upbeat, you'll have the most feature-rich, robust method to ensure timely,accurate content on your site at all times.

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  • Update every page on your site.
  • Add and remove pages dynamically.
  • Apply a variety of different styles and layouts.
  • Insert links and images.
  • Upload a variety of different file types.
  • Upload audio and video files.
  • Workflow and tracking systems.

Content Management System

We specialize in custom CMS development that makes doing business easier and more profitable. If you’re new to the world of content management.

  • Analysis of your Vasont content management system usage to provide ideas for improvement.
  • Providing suggestions for integration with other business systems to improve operating efficiency.
  • Reviewing your content configuration to provide suggestions for more effective content reuse.
  • Assistance with strategy development to improve workflow and content sharing between departments.
  • Benifits of CMS

    Intuitive indexing, search and retrieval features index all data for easy access through search functions and allow users to search by attributes such as publication dates, keywords or author.
    Format management facilitates turn scanned paper documents and legacy electronic documents into HTML or PDF documents.
    Revision features allow content to be updated and edited after initial publication. Revision control also tracks any changes made to files by individuals.
    Publishing functionality allows individuals to use a template or a set of templates approved by the organization, as well as wizards and other tools to create or modify content.