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Creative concept

We design brochures, catalogs and other marketing collateral to be more than just handouts they are educational & sales tools created specifically to take your company to the next level. We use innovative graphics mixed with intuitive and professional layouts so that the brochures and catalogs we create will turn readers into customers.

Interface Design

What we design is a direct reflection of your brand, We aim for each experience to be purposely built and engaging. From logo development, packaging, environmental design, annual reports to national campaigns - our focus is to ensure the audience is listening. By defining a brand’s graphic vision we craft innovative visual stories that attract the target audience and create long term success.


In order to be effective brochures need to be visually attractive and communicate a clear message. At Adikarah Tech our design team will work with your staff to present each of your goods or services in an exciting and unforgettable layout. When completed your brochure will be an outstanding sales tool that showcases your business.

Step 1: The Creative Brief

Any successful project begins with quality communication – to get things flowing, we must first discuss your full range of goals for the project at hand. During this stage you can expect us to work closely with you to clearly define the objectives that you have in mind. We will discover what your expectations and desired outcomes are and what benefit our design work can provide for you. As we work with you we will need to determine the desired budget, time-line, and visual style that you have in mind. Our work represents our passion – a project needs to do much more than just look pretty. It must also fully satisfy the practical and material goals which will make it truly successful and memorable.

Will it fit within the budget and time-frame?

Is it targeting the correct audience?

How will the design influence more robust interest and sales?

All of these questions will be dealt with to ensure that the end result is functional as well as beautiful. No matter what your scale or budget might be, full consideration will be given to this stage so that we can properly meet your project needs. Making sure we have acquired all the necessary information, before proceeding, prevents delays and unnecessary costs to you.


Logo Design as a Brand Foundation

Logo design can be the catalyst for a great company or product launch. It is the foundation of visual storytelling. Having an innovative product or service is a start, but logo design is a huge reflection of a company and lays the groundwork for a brand to thrive in the marketplace. It may seem counter intuitive, but the simpler the logo design, the more memorable it will be. Approaching logo design from a minimalist standpoint can be highly effective if aligning with the brand it represents. Implementing a strong visual brand identity & brand strategy is vital to your company’s long term success.

Step 2: Design & Development

This is the exciting part where the project truly comes to life! Our team will take the predetermined road map of goals and begin fleshing out your design wish-list. You will be able to see the progress of the graphics and designs as it takes shape with Adikarah Tech highly skilled team of designers and developers, as they create various mock-ups for your review – approaching a polished design that will really make you say, “Wow!” With project management techniques that are efficient and goal-oriented, we will work with you until the design is exactly what it needs to be, in a timely manner. You will be kept up-to-date on a regular basis as significant progress is made. At various intervals, we will ask you to look over certain designs and suggest changes according to your preferences. Once everyone is pleased with the results, the final designs will launch and become a reality across all desired media.


Tradeshow Graphics

We create beautiful eye-catching tradeshow graphics and exhibit booths.

Step 3 : Style & Consistency Make All the Difference

At Adikarah Tech, we place a great deal of emphasis on brand identity – we believe that this approach leads to excellent results, ensuring that your brand has the clear vision it needs to keep it strong today and on into the future. Graphic design plays a key role in brand strategy. Having brand-focused design, created by Adikarah Tech, guarantees that the style of the design work will be consistent with the values of your brand. We want to design a look and feel for your brand that enables your visitors and customers to recognize your style, wherever it occurs, at a mere glance. Indeed, our goal is to give your brand a unique voice that draws attention to its unique value. Our goal is to make sure that the final product we present to you is fully representative of your brand and its promise. It is our hope and expectation that the quality of our work for you will lead to an ongoing relationship that continually strengthens your brand and vision.