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Search Engine Optimization

A lot of businesses struggle to figure the right approach to SEO. A lot of businesses have an operational website and they struggle to find out why they are not generating enough organic traffic. They work on SEO for few months and when nothing happens, they give up.

However, let us take a step back and understand how to approach SEO correctly. To deliver an effective SEO strategy, one needs to understand the following:

  • What is the company’s value proposition?

  • What problem are they solving and for Whom?

  • Which geography is the company targeting?

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    Link Analysis of Competitors

    In marketing, it is extremely crucial to keep a tab on your competitors to understand their strategies and how we can better them. The same principle applies to SEO as well. We use tools to identify the backlinks of your competitors. This gives us a good understanding of their profile, which helps us in off-page SEO.

    Why are SEO Services important for you

    SEO is a step by step technical and analytical approach to make your website relevant to “search terms”. When your prospect searches for a term on Google, he/she is doing so with an intent. For example, if someone searches for the term “Buy Shoes online”, the user is looking to buy. Therefore the keyword “buy” is a strong signal of the users online. If you are in the business of selling Shoes.