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Web Based Software

Web technologies offer new opportunities for businesses in all sizes. There are well recognised benefits of using a web-based solution opposed to a desktop software package. Web based software is accessible from anywhere, as long as you have a connection to the Internet – this gives you the opportunity to work on the move from home or from any remote location.

Small companies and entrepreneurs should consider online software as an alternative to desktop based systems. They should consider the cost, efficiency, communications, coordination, problem solving and security advantages the online option offers and factor that into their future information systems plans.

Web Based Software are easier make accessible to various mobile devices: smartphones including iPhone, netbooks etc.

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Web Application

Technologies for Web Based Software

There are the wide-spread technologies used for developing web-based software applications: Microsoft .NET, Java, and PHP. There are also less popular but nevertheless interesting options like Ruby on Rails and Python.

Web based software can also be bespoke (custom build for your business). A customised software package will work exactly as specified and thus offer greater efficiencies for your business.

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Web-Based Software Reduces Cost

Web-based software requires no initial capital investment to buy software for a number of individual desktops. There is no software to download or install on site. The cost is incurred as the service is used, preserving scarce cash to be used more productively within the firm for more critical needs such as building sales or acquiring productivity enhancing equipment.

Web-Based Software Has Efficiency Advantages

It is not unusual for a small business to add trouble-shooting computer software as a job responsibility for a manager or someone in accounting or human resources who is known to have more than a passing knowledge of PCs. This part-time job often consumes that person’s time and detracts from their to other important responsibilities.

Web-Based Software Improves Communications and Coordination

Using the online approach can lead to significant productivity improvements. It can be used by laptops and any other device and can even be integrated with an iPhone. Any device that can access a browser can use this software.

Web Based Software Offers Greater Security

With standalone software, an administrator must constantly monitor the security of the data and these security measures must be instituted and policed on site. With online software, sensitive company data resides on a secure server whose security is constantly monitored.

Benefits of Web Based Software

what is web-based software anyway ?
Web-based software is software you use over the internet with a web browser. You don’t have to install any CDs, download any software or worry about upgrades. If you use an online bank or web-based email program like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail then you’ve already used web-based software before.
And why is it better for my business ?
When you use web-based software you don’t have to worry about anything technical — you can just do your work. We handle all the security and uptime and backups and upgrades and “IT guy” stuff. You can stay focused on what you’re good at and we’ll handle the rest.
Web-based Software is safer.
With traditional software, employees save data on their laptops, USB drives, or portable hard drives. It’s not as safe as it sounds. Laptops are stolen, Computers are rarely backed up properly and it’s unlikely everyone’s machines are up to date with the latest security patches and updates. When you use our web-based software your data is secure, Always-updated, Backed-up daily enterprise-class servers in a state-of-the-art, highly-secure data center.
There’s nothing to install, ever.
With our software there’s nothing to download or install. Just log in with the web-browser you already have (Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox). It’s just like your online bank or web-based email program.